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(TFT) faerie creatures

Okay, here's more following on from the pixies. 

ST:6-12              MA:8//14
DX:12                 Armour:0
Nixies are a hybrid race of humanoids with origins from the elemental plane
of water and from Cidri. A long time ago, a sentient race of water
elemental creature was bred with human and elf stock, by a powerful wizard
who liked the idea of amphibious servants. Having a human parent gave them,
literally, flesh and bone and the ability to reside on Cdri indefinitely.
However, succeeding generations of nixies would gradually recede to their
water elemental ancestors unless there was a regular infusion of human or
humanlike genes every three generations or so. 
After many years, the wizard died and the nixies escaped into Cidri, having
lost the ability to return to the water elemental plane. They can now be
found in remote rivers and streams (much easier to defend these places than
the open ocean. As well, they seem to prefer fresh to salt water.). They
will venture up to 250m from water. Being dry for an extended period is
damaging to a nixie, costing 1 fST per half hour out of water. This is
instantly reversed upon being submerged. A nixie ranges from 1 to 1.75m in
height and is a blue-green in colour. They have webbed hands and feet to
help them swim.  They generally keep to themselves, bearing humans no great
love (their original captor was human). They sometimes make themselves
unpopular when they kidnap humans for breeding with every so often.
Treat nixies as having the following skills: swimming, diving, water
breathing, silent movement, acute hearing. Fire does double damage to
nixies and they will flee if it is used in combat against them. They are
not strong physically, with no natural armour and not often wearing any (it
impedes movement underwater). They thus prefer not to fight directly but
use either water creatures (giant crabs or crayfish, snapping turtles or
crocodiles) as guards, or resort to magic. Nixie wizards are not uncommon
(1 in 3 nixies), and most of their dealings with humans are characterized
by use of magic (images, illusions and glamour are frequently used to trick
or kidnap humans). If nixies have to fight, they use thrusting weapons or
nets generally.
All nixies are able to harvest and brew a salve which imbues the drinker
with the ability to breathe water for one month. This is what they use to
keep captives alive while they breed with or learn from them. Nice nixies
may even let their captives return home one day, rather than kill them.

ST:2-7               MA:6/12
DX:14                Armour:0
Sprites are partially transparent winged humanoids of bluish white
colouration approximately 0.3-0.5m in height. Their origin is unknown but
some feel them to be hybrids between sylphs and pixies, bred by some
long-dead wizard. In any case they appear to have some link with the
elemental plane of air. When they get angry, the become a dark stormy grey
colour and attack in combat by means of electrical discharge for 1d6 damage
(treat as a thrown weapon for range). For every extra fST they expend, they
can do an extra 1d6 damage, but will generally not do this because of their
naturally low ST.  Being small flying creatures, others suffer a -4 adjDX
penalty in trying to hit them.
Sprites are generally friendly with pixies and equally as mischievous.

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