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(TFT) A critter some online gamers may be familiar with

The Dreaded Lag Beast
 ST:As per normal         MA: As per normal
 DX:As per normal         Armor: As per normal
 IQ: As per normal
 Lag Beasts are a strange creation of an unknown mage long ago. The exact 
method of their creation is a mystery. The one thing known for sure is that 
no creature was exempt from his foul experiments. Lag Beasts have been 
encountered in the form of cute little bunnies all the way up to vicious 
dragons. There is no way to be sure that your next encounter isn't going to 
be with this horrible creature.

A Lag Beast attacks as per the normal forms of the apparent creature. Where 
this differs is in its special ability. Some type of temporal distortion 
field which seems to get stronger the more figures there are on the 
battlemap. At times you'll stand helpless and watch as it lumbers towards 
you, at others it'll appear to just be standing there, caught in its own 
temporal flux only for you to watch it appear right beside you, half your 
life ripped away. Many have been killed having never even seen it move from 
the spot it was encountered in.

A Lag Beast gets one extra turn per 2 figures attacking, in which the players 
may take no actions. For example, a group of 4 warriors trying to kill a Lag 
Goblin will find to their dismay, that it gets 2 extra turns to attack while 
the players stand helpless to defend themselves. During this time roll on the 
following chart for each player individually to see what he of she perceives.

1.   The beast doesn't leave its starting location
2.   The beast moves one hex then freezes
3.   You watch helpless as it takes its turn normally
4.   The beast leaves trailing images as it moves
5.   The beast bounces to a different hex
6.   Roll again, on another roll of 6, you have been BOOTED from the battle. 
You are safe
      for 1dx5 turns while you try to LOG back into the game. 

Ok, ok. I have gotten silly. To much online gaming I guess.
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