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(TFT) Cestii and Melee Combat

Dave "Fill that Chalupa" Seagraves stated,

<<<Questions for everyone: How much damage does a cesti do in normal (i.e.
non-HtH) combat?  Can cesti damage be combined with an Unarmed Combat damage
bonus?  I've looked through the rules but all I get is "Answer Unclear, Try
   My best guess: A cesti does ST damage plus 3 (just like a club) wherever
you use it, and you /can/ add in UC damage.  To some this might sound like a
little too much damage, but an average-strength NPC soldier (probably ST 11)
does only 1+1 with one, and he can't grab, throw, or pin opponents while
wearing it.>>>>

It states on page 8 of AM, the "cestus is treated exactly as the
main-gauche."  So the answer is it probably does the same damage as a dagger
(1-1) in melee combat.  According to the GM shield, cestus add +2 to HTH.

Now let's get back to the use of the word "exactly" and main-gauche.  Does
this mean that the cestus can be used as a shield?  The word is exactly so
you must be able to do this!

Yours in Cidri,

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