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Re: (TFT) summonings

"Patrick Keleher" <patkeleher@hotmail.com> wrote:
> IQ9  Summon Prootwaddle (C)  Costs 2ST to catch, and nothing to maintain.

Is this even necessary?  Can't one wave some sort of greasy food item
about (a cup of lard will do!) and call "Heeere, proot!"?  This should
bring at least one begging.  Give him the food (or lard), and your

> In fact the prootwaddle will NEVER go away unless you cast:
> IQ20  Return Summoned Prootwaddle (C)  Costs 1ST for each turn the 
> prootwaddle has been in existence.

A shiv in the back is much easier :)

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