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Re: Re: (TFT) Unarmed Combat Question

"Patrick Keleher" <patkeleher@hotmail.com> wrote:
>  (Actually, I think the criticals for higher number of die
>   cover more than just the two highest possible rolls.

From: srydzews@ix.netcom.com
Yes, they do.  Things would get strange if they just used the top
three numbers in the range as the threshold of automatic failure.
For instance, someone with a 22 Dex would fail a 3d6 roll 4% of
the time (roll of 16+), but would fail a 4d6 roll only 1% of the
time (roll of 22+).  The "true" threshold of automatic failure
with 4+ die rolls is summarized on the GM tables, and is in the
AM rules somewhere.

The threshold for automatic success, OTOH, is always the bottom
three numbers of the range (if I remember the tables correctly)
which makes it pretty much an academic proposition for a 4+ die

I agree and disagree. Here is the table from P38 ITL, with the paragraph that prefaces it.

    Use the following table to determine what rolls are auto-
matic success and failure for any number of dice. The GM should use his imagination when determining the results of spectacularly successful (or incredibly bad) rolls:
1 die: automatic success, always, on a one die saving roll.
2 die: 2 = automatic success; 12 = automatic failure.
3 die: 5 = automatic success; 16 and up = automatic failure.
4 die: 8 = automatic success; 20 and up = automatic failure.
5 die: 11 = automatic success; 24 and up = automatic failure.
6 die: 14 = automatic success; 28 and up = automatic failure.
7 die: 17 = automatic success; 32 and up = automatic failure.
8 die: 20 = automatic success; 36 and up = automatic failure.

Personaly I have always had the hardest time dealing with UCV. As a GM I have never had a player go for it. Just too many IQ points to buy it. For my monsters only dragons use it. This makes them fast, slippery, and hard to hit. I always felt TFT dragons were too wimpy (a human with 100 ST would do 9+1 in HTH but dragons only do 2+2! What are their claws made of talc?), and then to be specificaly denied the use of magic spells... it was just too much. Dragons in my campaign usually have Warrior and/or Vet, and as much Unarmed combat as they can get. They can sheild rush a giant with their body, throw people who have almost three times their strength, defend bare handed, and some of the bigger ones have eyes behind (lots of side hexes on dragons), and make people drop their weapons to three points of damage or more. It also brings up their claw damage. In my campaign a humanoid was seen to use UCV it was assumed they were a shapeshifted dragon.

   David Michael Grouchy II

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