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(TFT) Unarmed Combat--Thanks

Thanks everyone for the information.  And the idea of giving UC V and other 
talents to Dragons is great!

I had overlooked the table on p. 38 of ITL.  Although this brings something 
up--in using 7 dice, for example, a 17 is an automatic success.  Thus, the 
lower-DX character (below 17) wouldn't have to roll his DX or below to hit 
when an UC V character is defending--he could roll higher!  Of course, the 
probability is still fairly low to hit probability, but it also makes the 
clumsy giant with a DX of 9 have the same to hit probability as a sword 
master with a DX of 16!  (Meaning, of course, both are equally low--you 
have to be REAL dexterous to hit a UC V martial artist master!)

I'm not sure how to find a way around this, or even if you need to--I think 
I'd have to play test it to see if it led to unrealistic results or not. 
 Since by the time a character gets UC V is after a LOT of experience, 
chances are a good number of foes will have DX of above 16.

Thanks once again, everyone, for your help!  :)

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