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RE: (TFT) Re: Players Wanted

>Justin Sandock wrote:
>> The best part is how it comes
>> alive when the GM's 'cute little critters' can roll worth beans, or the
>> players all roll 4's. To watch the GM's face as the players escape
>> from certain death.

>You don't have to play FtF to get this sense.  Having the giant
>go down without a defending blow was painful, and Brett knew it.
>And enjoyed it.  And maybe even gloated a little, though his Knight is
>far to circumspect to do so.  Righteous little b*st*rd, that Trevor.

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply FtF is the only way. I was just remembering my
school days. Even over e-mail or IRC I am sure I could imagine the quizzical
displeasure that would spread like blood poisoning throughout the GM's face
as my little dude makes an impossible 5 die saving throw that even I
expected to fail.

Justin R. Sandock
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