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Re: (TFT) Solitaire Play

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Jim Bo wrote:

> Since ITL began as a solitaire game (death test, etc)... does 
> anyone run solitaire games?  Or have rules to do so (ala 
> Warhammer Quest)?  It's difficult to find players and ITL is 
> my game of choice. Somehow I want more than hack-n-slash... 
> Thanks

There's a solitaire module written by one of the list members
(Warren Dew, Drew? ... can't remember right now) called "Crown
of Kings" that is pretty good.  It's a programmed adventure
similiar to "Death Test."

I'm working on a solitaire adventure loosely based on the "Tomb
Raider" genre.  At this point, its not following the programmed
adventure format; it will have random rooms with random encounters
that get harder the further you venture into the tomb.  Have no
idea if this will be fun to play or not yet, you don't get all
this randomness for free (read, lots of die rolls).

Dan Tulloh

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