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Re: (TFT) undead underdone

> I was just thinking - just looking at the Vampyre rules from an Interplay
> magazine, this just reminds me how underdone undead are in TFT, as if
> Howard and Steve weren't really into the priest/undead/holy stuff/vampire
> axis of roleplaying. Funny really.
> has anyone elaborated much on Lycanthropes?
> =====

I don't think this is true as one of Steve Jackson's first plastic pocket
games was about vampire hunting.  If you read on Ty's website Steve's errata
from TFT:ITL, he seems to have been pushed to finish by Howard for
publication.  I think if he would have stayed he or others at Metagaming
would have fleshed the game out more, much like was done in GURPS.  What is
it 3rd edition now?  It's been so long since I played it!

Yours in Cidri,

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