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Re: (TFT) Just checking...

>>	I prefer the superscript rules for buying extra memory.
>>In my campaign, experience goes up in sets of 5 attributes but
>>starts at 30 attributes.  (It is much easier to remember and gives
>>people a bit of an advantage at higher levels.)
>>	The progression will be:
>>30 to 34		  125 exp.
>>35 to 39		  250
>>40 to 44		  500
>>45 to 49		1000
>>50 to 54		2000, etc.
>>	Rick
>Hmmmm. I don't know... Given the nature of game, why give the high level characters that advantage ? Especially when it seems to call
>for a penalty for starting characters who need every advantage they can get ?
>Personal preference I suppose,

	After someone has played a character for several
real years, they need 4,000+ exp to go up an attribute.  It 
takes so long to earn an attribute that the fun of improving
the character begins to happen very rarely.  My PC's 
appreciate that it take fewer exp to gain an attribute at 50

	The only place that this system slows down the
character development at low levels is at 35 attributes 
exactly.  My players don't mind.


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