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(TFT) Khsarr

Khsarr is a lizardman, an NPC, bodyguard to an Orcish mage, Urget, who
caused no end of trouble.

Khsarr's main contribution to the game was retrieving Urget from the
hole he teleported to while escaping the wrath of the PCs.  Before that,
he'd just stood around and looked menacing.  But he did that well.

ST 18
DX 12
IQ 12
HT 18 (houserule: ST and HiTs are two stats)
ME 18 (houserule: IQ and MEmory are two stats)
EN  0 (houserule: ENdurance, used for fatigue before HT)
PO  0 (houserule: POwer, used for spells before HT)
MA 10

2 Pole Weapons
1 Crossbow
1 Swimming
1 Diving
2 Silent Movement
1 Tracking
2 Alertness
1 Detect Traps
1 Woodsman
2 Warrior
3 Veteran
1 Salnic Language
0 Lizardman Language (Native)
0 Orcish (Houserule: 2nd language free)

Yes, Khsarr is larger than life.  But after Arpad Zloty, I just build
what makes sense to me.  The players seemed to be having fun.
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