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(TFT) Age Check

Alas, my crinkled brow begets my long years . . . I can remember the exact moment I brought the TFT Main Book. I was 37 yrs old. It had just arrived in the game store that day . . I plunked down my $9.95 and went over to a restaurant next door to the game store. I ate lunch and pored over every single page in the book. Having played Melee and Wizard (and both advanced) I was anxious to see everything tied together.

I was not disappointed. I felt SJ did a fine job, he seemed to make things so simple and common-senseish (good word?). I felt I could almost play the game without a massive library of game books at my side.

Also, since I enjoyed solo play, the rules were clear-cut and a thousand times better that T&T (Tunnels and Troll) which was basically a die-rolling experience.

Don't worry Justin . . . there is life after 41!

From Justin Question as a list: At what age did you start to play TFT and what year was
that?  I was 20 in 1979 and 18 when I bought Melee/Wizard two years earlier
(41 going on death)

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