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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

I doubt it would take $100,000 to get the rights to 
TFT.  More likely we could get it for $10,000.
If Howard Thompson wants more, it is easier to
just make up your own game system.


>Okay, so here's a thought... a proposal, actually.
>Maybe I am optimistic, but I believe we could find 100
>people with $1000 each to form a company.  This
>company's SOLE purpose would be to acquire the rights
>to TFT.  Each member of this company would have the
>right to publish or republish any material in any of
>the forms of TFT which we acquired the rights to. 
>They could choose to do this for profit, or to the
>public domain, or in any other way they themselves
>Any takers? 

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