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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

>>>>>>> Following Dan's line, if someone did get the rights from Howard is 
>>>>>>> it really worth it except for you gentlemen out there in list land.

I believe it is. In fact, I believe it so strongly that while Howard
Thompson may not want a 'shares' deal, I'll offer it anyone else. If you
dont think it can be successful, donate $1000 dollar anyway. I'll pay you
back $2000-5000 dollars out of the profits. If there are no profits in
say...five years,  I'll STILL pay you back. But this only works if I'm the
exclusive owner (avoiding the whole committee problem!)

In short, if a new TFT was written by Aaron Allston and illustrated by
Denis Loubet, and produced for about $20,  then yes, I think it would be
HUGELY profitable. 

There is simply no fantasy game out there that could compare to it at this
time.  There is a fairly large GURPS backlash as well. The time is long
overdue for a simple, accessible, universal RPG that also works as a
tactical quick-and-dirty Warhammer style game as well. I think Traveller
could have sewn that market up if the 4th edition had been well-designed.
The 5th edition could STILL do the same...

Now the main problem is, is a committee capable of putting together a
publishable TFT that good? 

That's where I'd have my doubts. We can't really agree on which rules
should be considered optional and which should be considered canon! 

But even if we could - the stakes have gone up. You also have to have an
origional background universe, adventures and support almost immediately,
but it's certainly possible. 

But hey, I discovered TFT in high school like everyone else, and for $1000
bucks, why the heck not? They just published the Glorantha game with just
as hare-brained a scheme! Senjoku for FUZION was published in a similar
committee manner and quite an excellent achievement (though probably not
very profitable). BESM was written in a weekend on a napkin and has been
plenty of success for at least one guy! 

Of course, there are far more failures than success, but a great game
design puts you way ahead of 90% of the self-published titles out there. 

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