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Re: (TFT) Corporation for Public TFT

>Well...  My suspicion is that this came about more
>from a personal issue than a financial issue
>To be honest, Michael, and don't take this wrong, I
>would rather no one individual *EVER* owns the rights
>to this thing again.  
>Okay, so a restatement of previous proposal:  Can we
>get 100 people to kick in $100?  
>Alternate method:  It's a committee (again), but... 
>We will sell shares in our company.  1 share costs
>$100, and has 1 vote.  You want 20 votes? Buy 20
>I guess my issue with all of this is that we can't
>enter into serious negotiations with HT without having
>an inkling of where he is with this issue.  
>I believe we need a little non-binding vote.  If the
>price were $100 per share, would you be interested in
>purchasing 1 or more shares into this venture?
>Please answer Yea or Nay. 

	I would be willing to buy 3 or 4 votes at
$100 (us funds).


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