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Re: (TFT) Devil's Advocate

From: daniel@jaws.greatwhite.com (Dan Tulloh)
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 23:07:24 -0600

As I see, we have these options:

   1)  Pool our Cash and make an offer to purchase the rights to
       TFT from Howard.   This is the option currently under
       discussion now.

   2)  Support Guy McLimore's "Pocket Fantasy" and "Compact
       Warrior/Sorceror" series.  I dunno about this one, I have
       some problems with the character generation system (much
       too random) and the grid cells.  It just feel right for
       a wargame.  Sorry Guy!

   3)  Use TFT as a model and write our own RPG that is based
       upon it.  We can agree it will be in the public domain,
       what the term "official release" means, etc.  This has
       a lot of possible benefits, the only drawback I can see
       is the committee development approach.

   4)  Do nothing and continue on as before.  I don't think I
       need to elaborate here, but this is an option and thats
       why it is listed.

  Personally, I think we could make a go of option 3 provided a
  'rule committee' of some sort is developed.  What do you all
  think?  I suppose the first question for such a committee
  would be "What do we call this project?"


Option three has a lot of potential. As far as I know, no one has written, or owns the rights to, "Advanced In The Labrynth." Although someone mentioned earlier discarding the setting of Cidri, I don't think a copyright exists on that either. Option three also answers somthing I have heard a lot of requests for on this news group which are solo adventures. As far as I know one doesn't need a licence from Metagamming to write a solo. There were also requests (not nearly as numerous as for solos) for some kind of standardized monster creation. This could be two suppliments. "Monster Creation", and "Advanced Monster Creation." My strongest feeling and thoughts on the matter are that anyone who is interested should get their own lawyer, publish their own material, and the first person to clear $10-50,000 in profit should buy out howard. I see enough material comming that this news group could constitute an entire publishing industry. I do not see the immediate need to throw money at Howard Thompson. I'll vote Yea for a collective, I'll even send in hundreds of dollars to a choosen lawyer, but I advise everyone to publish and copyright their own material. If we just want to through money around, how about sending Joe Hartley five dollars with a thankyou note "Buy yourself a beer, keep up the News group!" [my editor tells me I'm starting to sound snooty here, so let me tone it down] I beleive Milton Bradlys' founding pricipal was "In order to make a popular game, one has to make a popular culture." This news group has already succeeded on that point. We have popular culture, but do we have an organized culture. Do we have enough organization to take on what has been proposed here? Expecially if we are talking about spending money.

    David Michael Grouchy II
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