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Re: (TFT) In search of Bobby Fischer, no ...HT

"Dominic Desrosiers" <dominic_desrosiers@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Then HT can pound sand, and we should move on with the development of
> The Fantastic Voyage, TFV.

That's fine.  If folks are willing to put the work into rewriting TFT,
more power to them.

But I have no interest in working on it, nor do I have any interest in
hearing the details of the work.  Therefore, discussions on how to
do it should be moved off this list.

My personal feeling is that HT owes me nothing.  It would be nice if TFT
were made available again, but I'll get along if it's not.

I think that this effort would be better directed into working with an
existing, supported system like Simply Roleplaying!, but that's just my

PS - I think you've got a copyright issue with Fantastic Voyage.  Asimov's
heirs may not be too keen on the use of that name.

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