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Re: (TFT) Wizard's Guild Membership

From: Thorn <edt@dopey.ne.mediaone.net>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Wizard's Guild Membership
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 22:32:17 -0400

Another bylaw of the Carnn Guild: All castings in presence of mundanes to include gestures and incantations as appropriate. All reasonable preparations are to be made, regardless of caster experience with the spell in question. (translate: Don't make it look easy.) :) > So much like the Wizard's Guild of Carnn (well done by the way!) the Wizard's Guild truly *does* seperate a Wizard from a wizard.> >

This "Don't make it look easy" guild law is great for local color. Now if my wizard Paul Alto went campaigning in Carnn and did not bother to enquire with their guild about do's and don'ts, I could be ridiculed, fined, incarcerated or worse, just for lighting our torches by verblessly.

Also, the Wizard's Guild of Carnn may not be the guild that the king is trying to install in the land. The High Guild of the Mage may be the faction that the king is trying to force down the Duke's throat. Their policies are different. They recognize hedge wizards, but condemn alchemists. And The Church promotes The Three Magi Guild for those holy ones who would do magic for the religion. Sancified wizards are not going to hell. But the loose confederation of shrubbers who somehow have stumbled on a cantrip or a way of making luck from a rabbits foot and the testicles of a mage can be a unifying beacon for the poor 'wizards' who loath and fear their 'betters'.

Hail Melee

John Paul
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