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Re: RE: (TFT) apprentices

From: srydzews@ix.netcom.com
Subject: Re: RE: (TFT) apprentices
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 10:15:07 -0400

> As far as unwilling labor - can you force someone to cast an Aid
> spell for you, draining their life essence? I tend to doubt it.

Well, a knife to the neck of a captured apprentice with the knifee quoting "DO or DIE" might be described as a forced casting. But the apprentice still had to be conscious of doing the spell. So I guess he was not happy about casting it, but willing to do that than die.

No, you'd need a "Drain ST" spell for that.  GURPS has one.  It's
probably a good thing that TFT doesn't.

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is.

"DRAIN STRENGTH [AW page 13] (S): Lets wizard drain life force from others into himself or his humanoid friends. No ST cost - but each 5 ST drained from another gives only 1 ST to the recipient. Can NOT be used to heal hits from wounds - only fatigue or exhaustion. The person being drained must cooperate or be subjugated ..." (It goes on to say that you can't kill a figure by draining him.)

This is the technique used to power up STRENGTH BATTERIES. Pull energy from one person (could be the wizard himself) and put it into the battery. A wizard who is down 9 fatigue points, could also quickly refresh himself after spellcasting by draining 5 points from several comrades and they all rest for an hour. They would be almost back to full capacity sooner than having the wizard wait 2 hours.

This is also a reason why you want to record Fatigue and Damage seperately. If you lump them together, how will you know what you can refresh?

Hail Melee
John Paul

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