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RE: (TFT) Apprentices Guilds & CIDRI

>From: John Paul Bakshoian [mailto:hailmelee@hotmail.com]

>One doesn't have to "have" the guilds, as one doesn't have to allow gun 
>powder weapons.  In fact, if we wrote up what a Wizard Guild would be like 
>in several different worlds, we would have probably gone farther towards 
>understanding than just arguing about it.  (Although I do like arguing

I whole-heartedly agree. Dominic and yourself have given excellent examples
of how a guild could operate and why. Hopefully when time permits I'll
submit the guild structures that exist in 'my Cidri'. Each culture has a
somewhat different social structure to their magic organization. 

The big sticking point with me is social realism. In the games I run I want
believable motivations for NPC's and world at large. Joining a guild may not
seem to make the most economic sense until it is seen as a big picture.
Perhaps because of travel costs or high levels of subsistance farming the
nation can not support modern capitalist production methods. Even when those
very methods seem most effective on a small scale.

I hope John and Dominic continue to share alternate
guild/corporation/hegemony structures. Perhaps you two could colaborate on a
post-fuedal (small but growing middle-class) with low/moderate (1 mage in
~10,000 population) magic world? I'd like to see the results.

Hail Melee!
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