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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

From: Thorn <edt@dopey.ne.mediaone.net>
Subject: Re: (TFT) TFT Release
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 22:24:06 -0400

Michael Taylor wrote:
> Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
> >Anyone thought of gathering all the house rules...
> I've done alot of it - not all of it, but quite a bit of it
> (someone else can tackle the spells!), but the general reaction
> from the list has been rather against the idea.

Really?  Against consoldating what the list does?

If I'm not to out of line, Michael, I think Michael is saying that reaction from the list is against 'publishing' a re-edit of the TFT rules which Thompson owns the copyright and putting them on the net or selling them. Perhaps if someone wants to see the effort that Michael has done, you could get a copy from him. That too might infringe on the copyright, but to me that is a very small circulation and not for profit.

> Also, (as recently mentioned in a post) just about everyone
> modifies TFT, so it's very hard to get a concensus on what > would work for the group.

We could work it like this: (I guess this is the 'framework' someone
else said we needed).

...(other sections, maybe)...

Sec. X: House Rules
           Carnn and Environs
           Runes of the New World

We'd have one section for monsters, I'd guess.  I'd write my Sept
Gargoyles with my RNW stats, and Jim Fountas could write his 'Lost City Demons' with his stat set. Each monster would have a
declaration of which campaign it came from, and each campaign
section in House Rules would explain those stats.

Sort of a Worldbook concept a la GURPS.

We wouldn't be writing this for the 13-yr olds T$R writes for.  A
moronic level of clarity is not needed.

Actually, if you write it for your own reading level, this will force any desirous young player to increase their reading ability. Which in this age of computer games, one does not even have to read 3 volumes of intricate logic and become a words lawyer to battle for your right for your character to survive. Just point and shoot. The computer even tells you what to do via tutorial. Now, as a kid, you can sit in a dark room and never have to interface with life again. And they were complaining about kids playing D&D in steam tunnels? At least those guys went out and experienced, er, life.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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