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(TFT) Re: Steve Jackson's Thoughts

From: "John Paul Bakshoian" <hailmelee@hotmail.com> 
>From: "Bulgan Tanner" <outlander44@hotmail.com>
>I was wondering . . . assume Steve Jackson had purchased the game from HT. 
>What changes do you think he would have made in a new
>edition? Do you think it would look something like GURPS? Or would he have 
>made minor tweaks to the system . . .

I would say that he would have only done minor tweeks.  But he would have 
had a lot of new talents, spells, etc.  The magazine articles by players in 
Interplay and Space Gamer seemed to have been included in Advanced Melee, 
Advanced Wizards & In The Labyrinth.  I have a feeling the mags would have 
been a tool for Steve for future TFT expansion.

Looking at SJ's history with GURPS, he would have reorganized the rules, and
fixed what was broken while trying keep the basics pretty close. BUT, he
would have
definately fixed what was broken, and expanded. I think he'd publish genre
(TFT Space). Also, every printing would fix the typos and slightly broken
rules of the 
previous printing.

With GURPS, there were significant changes between 2nd and 3rd edition, but
they didn't
invalidate any characters or campaigns. And since 3rd edition, he hasn't
significantly changed
the system in 10 years, except for small changes in individual rules, which
again haven't
invalidated characters or campaigns. Some character point levels changed,
but that's not
something that affects game play. And he has changed things that definately
needed it.

Brett Slocum <bslocum@ancept.com>

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