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Re: (TFT) Galdiator

cas liber wrote:
> hey, I just saw gladiator and saw Russell Crowe throw a 
> shortsword! You can't do that in TFT!

Gol-dang, you're right!  TFT campaigns should be rated 
according to their "special effects budget".  To activate
an effect of your campaign's budget level, roll 10 or less
on 3d6.  Effects of a different level can be applied, but 
with a +/-4 modifier to the roll for each level of 

Blair Witch Level: 
- Standard rules apply.

Low Budget Level:
- Characters can gain temporary +4 hit points (ST
 with standard rules) simply by making witty and
 cutting remarks to their antagonists. All old 
 wounds remain, but the added ST allows you to 
 take yet more wounds).  It lasts until you are
 healed.  This can be repeated, but at a -2 
 cumulative modifier for each success.
- Characters can wield two-handed weapons with
 one hand.  (Repeat roll each round, failure 
 means no attack that round.)
- A missile weapon's quiver or other ammo source
 can be instantly refilled with a successful SE

High Budget Level:
- Throw any one-handed weapon, requiring a to-hit
 roll if the special effects roll is successful.

- Any character can substitute a special effects 
 roll for an acrobatics roll.

- Missile fire vs. a PC suffers a -1 "to hit" modifier
 for each missile fired at him during the round.  (Ten
 missiles = -10 for each of them to hit).

- Make a special effects roll for each half-night of
 sleep a character manages to get.  He regains one ST
 for each point the roll is made by.

Hong Kong Action Level:
- Figures attacking in melee combat have a cumulative
 -3 penalty to hit per additional figure attacking the
 same defender.

- A slain PC can revive himself on a successful roll.
 Only one attempt is allowed.  If successful, the 
 revival may be either temporary or permanent:
   Temporary: the revival only lasts for 1d6 rounds.
 During this time any action the character attempts 
 will critically succeed, as if he rolled a 3 on 3d6.
 No additional wounds will have any real effect on the
 PC during this time.
  Permanent: the character is at 1 ST, and may crawl away 
 to effect his revenge at some later time.  No other effects.

- Characters may throw any *two-handed* weapon, as can 
 be done with one-handed weapons under the "high budget"

-  Any NPC's death other than at the direct hands of a PC
  can be circumvented, no matter how definite it looks.  
  Maybe the death was just a hoax, or the character jumped
  aside at the last minute, or was saved by friendly 
  dolphins from drowning 1000 miles away from shore.  The 
  rationale can be as tissue-thin as desired.  

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