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Purchasing the (TFT) copyright/ Rules, for use, publishing and the World Wide Web...

>>>>>>Primarily because Someone once told me that if something gets posted
on the
>>>>>>web and the copyright holder has to assert their copyright on it or
>>>>>>losing thier right somehow and thus T$R's to stomp on every Website
or BBS
>>>>>>that had anything remotely T$R on it. Is this a just a weird bit of
>>>>>>or is there some truth in it? 

Steve Jackson has always used this excuse for not allowing any fan-based
GURPS software or web-postings. 

Since he seems to have relaxed on this issue I can only assume that it's
not strictly true - maybe it's up to the discretion of the copyright
holder, but still does not endanger them from losing their copyright.

Or maybe it's simply that while it is technically true, the non-copyright
holder would have to prove in court that the current copyright holder did
not 'want' the copyright that badly if they didn't defend it. Something
legally possible, but which probably wouldn't pass a jury's 'squint' test.

Is there a lawyer in the house?

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