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(TFT) Rapooks

Here is a little something I toyed around with in my notebook during a meeting earlier today (When I probably should have been paying attention to the meeting, but you know how that goes.):

    ST:7  DX:9  ST:7  & 8 additional APs.  MA:8/20(swimming)
Rapooks are communal artisans descended from beavers, but resemble beavers only as much as humans resemble apes. They generally do not wear armour, or clothes for that matter. They have an additional attack in HTH, their tail slap, which does the same amount of damage as a fist. All rapooks Swim. All rapooks have the Thief talent, though they are not intentionally thieves; They are simply curious, and because of their communal society do not understand the concept of property. At least half of their total starting skills must be artistic or social, reflecting thier society. Their shamans (wizards) generally have only nature-oriented spells.

I'm still working on this but thought I'd share what I've already developed.
                            -- Pat
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