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(TFT) Gargoyle Joke

Found in the archives (I'm trying to catch up):

"Alex finds only two listings useful, the first for a gargoyle (but
gargoyles eat only rock) "

I've got to disagree.  I can see how a bestiary might say so, but I
never thought it was literally true.

The Joke?  The TFT book ITL says Gargoyles spend time 'hunting and
eating rocks'.

I always teased the guy who played MRGN, the Gargoyle mage from the
Runes of the New World campaign, that hunting rocks takes great
patience.  So as not to spook the whole pile, you need to wait for one
to separate from the herd...  :-)

Anyway, I think it's really 'eating rocks and hunting'.  Gizzard stones,
maybe, or rare minerals needed for health.
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