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Re: (TFT) Re: Metagaming's board games.

Pasha and or Rick Smith wrote:
>         I was just wondering what the favorite
> non-TFT games were (regardless of weather HT
> still has rights to them...)

I remember Chitin _felt_ creepy.  It was very good.

And we actually had a short Sticks and Stones _campaign_.  You see, the
counter my buddy had said was 'him' survived the battle, but the
dependents counter he'd started the game 'stacked' with (and all the
expected bad puns were used) got taken away by the despised 'Dark Green'
tribe.  He gathered a pack of heroes, (unarmored bowman, armored spear,
armored axe, unarmored guy with three dogs...) and set off after her.

We played a lot of WarpWar at lunch and in study hall, and way too much
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