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Re: (TFT) Warp War

Dave writes . . . 

>Dan writes . . .
>> In contrast, a table would not only be easier to construct
>> but would make it easier to introduce new talents.
>   An IQ points table would be almost as easy to use as adjIQ, 
>but there's less flexibility for players (and players /hate/ 
>that).  Less flex' for GM's as well (who's NPC's really should
>be playing by the same rules if he's being fair).  With a table
>system you're just delaying the "lack of memory problem" until
>later on down experience table.

Mmmmm.   In a medieval world, EVERYONE eventually suffers from
a lack of memory problem.  Thats why libraries were invented.
Look, there is only so much info that you can stick into a 
human brain.  Maybe what we need to do is discuss the issue of

Now, TFT has a method of forgetting talents.  Aside from making
an appointment with the local dragon or Wizard's Guild, how 
many people actually make use of forgetting?  I'd be willing to
wager that the number is relatively small.  


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