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Re: (TFT) Solitaire Play

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     I havn't seen a post from you since April, so I don't even know if you

are still subscribed or not.  I find that the TFT news group has failed
  More than half of your total posts were asking for solo adventures. 
has been a lot of debate about who can publish  what, but no one has 
produced a single solo adventure.  I ask the group.  Does HT own the 
copyright on that too?  Jeez.  Come on.  Some body can recycle some old 
adventure they have lying around.
     Wait a minute.  Jim?  Have you solo tested the Cavalry Charge?  If so,

what were your results.

    David Michael Grouchy II<

Personally, I collect a LOT of solo adventures. There are thousands of
Choose Your Own Adventures, Fighting Fantasy, Middle-Earth and other
related solo books that could EASILY be converted to TFT. 

So the thing about asking for solos' is that it seems to be the one thing
that TFT doesn't lack for!

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