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Re: (TFT) Re: Forgetting

>tft@brainiac.com wrote:
> >Now, TFT has a method of forgetting talents.  Aside from
> >making an appointment with the local dragon or Wizard's
> >Guild, how many people actually make use of forgetting?
> >I'd be willing to wager that the number is relatively small.
>  Maybe I'm missing the point of these rules, but they never
>made much sense to me.  What they say, essentially, is that
>it's easier to learn something if you have an "open slot"
>of IQ that you haven't allocated to anything.  If you've
>allocated all of your IQ you have to take special measures
>to "forget" one of your old talents in order to learn a 
>new one.
>  Really, though, the forgetting process that goes on as 
>people learn new skills occurs naturally and gradually. 
>While I agree that a character with no available "slots" has
>to lose old talents/spells to acquire new ones, I don't see 
>why learning something new should be any harder for such a 
>  It seems as much of an argument could be made for the 
>reverse: that someone who has a diverse set of knowledge, has
>the so-called "habit of learning" and is accustomed to picking
>up new things on a regular basis should actually be able to 
>pick up new things more easily (losing old talents in the
>process of course).  
	I've not thought along these lines before but
I totally agree.  I'll start using these rules in my 


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