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Adventure Resources (was Re: (TFT) New List Member Introduction)

> I haven't quite decided on the overall theme, other than ruin exploration
> (which will become boring over time), although I could keep them involved
> in
> City-State intrigue for quite some time.....<
> For D&D-style campaigns I can think of a couple little-known ones that are
> likely to surprise players:
> 1. In Search of Adventure (B1-9/9190), D&D modules B1 to B9 collected
> together with connections written for them.
> 2. Dungeoneer Compendium 1-6 from Judges Guild, has a series of about 6-8
> connected adventures as well.
> All really good and all unlikely to have been heard of before!

Yes - my most recent campaign (using AD&D rules) started off with the "Caves
of Chaos" from B2 - Keep on the Borderland.  The keep from that module will
probably be used as a frontier keep in my TFT campaign.  I have B1, as well,
but have never picked up the others, and the Supermodule version is a bit
too pricey for me - I've seen it sold for $65+.

Of course, Dungeon Magazine is a great resource for adventures, especially
if you take their maps and write an adventure around them.


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