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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #26

I've got RamSpeed. I guess I like it, but I never played it
much. I bought it to examine for my own version I was writing
for D&D. They have a research error that you don't need to
care about unless you are a purist; biremes and triremes are
nearly the same size, not massively larger as represented in
the game. Real trireme purists can argue long into the night
about 2 inch differences in seat placement.

I could easily see such high tech development integrated into
a campaign. They say that when the Romans took a trireme in
battle and copied it, they copied everything down to the
scratch marks so they wouldn't make any mistakes. Napoleon
tried to have it re-invented, but was so miserable he had
the thing shot to pieces out of spite. One of the secrets
that led to the decent modern one working in Greece today was
the sailors complaint that "a man is most likely to fart just
when your nose is right in his butt". They used this to figure
out the rower arrangement.


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