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Re: (TFT) Break Bone

>The spell is IQ 13 and it is called Break Bone.  My problem with the
>is the amount of damage the spell does as as related to both the IQ
>and the ST cost.  Right now this spell does an average of 7 points of
>(2d6) for a total of 2 fST from the wizard.
>I would like to see it at least IQ 15 or higher and 5 ST to cast.
>What do the rest of you think?

Well, the fireball spell will do 2d6 for only 2 fST so
I can't see any reason to raise "Break Bone's" IQ and
raise it's fST cost both. That would make it a very poor
cousin of fireball indeed.
Does "Break Bone" do anything else to make it inherently
better or worse than fireball so it's points would reflect
The other thing, of course, is that fireball is "pumpable"
so you can cast extra fST for extra dice of damage.

Personally, I'd probably try something like:
Break Bone    IQ:12(or 13)    fST:4    Dmg: 2d6
(lower IQ but harder to cast version, limited dice damage)
Break Bone    IQ:15           fST:2    Dmg: 2d6
(higher IQ but easier to cast, limited dice damage,
maybe a fainting roll req'd against the sudden extreme pain
of a bone actually breaking?; if so then add another fST
to cast it for the special effect)


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