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(TFT) Melee/Wizard Variant


   I just thought up a variant for TFT which might be kinda 
   fun.  Basically, its a "Capture the Flag" kind of thing:
   two teams (blue and red) enter from the opposite side of
   the arena, attempt to capture their opponents flag and
   bring it back to the entry squares.  The flags can be
   placed anywhere on the map (I'd suggest using a Wizard 
   map), plus there can be obstacles such as fired, walled
   or shadowed hexes.

   There is no limit to the number of flags an individual
   can carry.  If you want to pass the flags around like
   a football, treat the flag as a thrown weapon for DX
   adjustment purposes.  A successful hit means it got to
   the intended target who then has to make a DX roll to 
   catch it.  A flag must pass through one of the characters
   front hexes in order for it to be caught.  A thrown 
   flag can be intercepted by other characters along the
   intended path.  A flag which is dropped falls to the 
   ground in the target's hex.  A flag which misses the
   target continues on for a number of hexes, toss a die
   to see how many and then lands on the floor.

   You can limit the armanent for each team to fists only,
   shields only (to allow bashing) or give the characters
   all the arms and armor they wish: the game can be made
   as deadly as you like.

   Winning side gets 30 ep each, survivors get 10.

   This is all kind of intuitive and off the cuff but what
   do you think?  This sounds like it might be kind of 
   fun to me.

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