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Re: (TFT) Melee/Wizard Variant

dwtulloh@zianet.com wrote:
>    I just thought up a variant for TFT which might be kinda 
>    fun.  Basically, its a "Capture the Flag" kind of thing:
>    two teams (blue and red) enter from the opposite side of
>    the arena, attempt to capture their opponents flag and
>    bring it back to the entry squares. 
>                     { snip }
>    You can limit the armanent for each team to fists only,
>    shields only (to allow bashing) or give the characters
>    all the arms and armor they wish: the game can be made
>    as deadly as you like.

Say, this sounds like a lot of fun!  One thing I think that
needs to be determined: can a player lose a flag he's carrying
without being killed for it?

My initial thought is that if a player is knocked to the ground,
he fumbles the flag - roll 1d to determine the hex it falls into.
If the hex is occupied, that figure catches the flag without
having to take an action to pick it up.

Anyone want to try this in a PBEM game?

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