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RE: (TFT) Re: Flesh spells


OK, weaker is Steel Flesh (IQ 18), stronger is Adamantine Flesh (IQ20) -
yeah I know the 2nd is cheaper in fST but, hey, I guess some of these  IQ
20 spells are good because they're economical. Sorry Rick, I tampered with
yr grammar

Related to your topic about "armour" FLESH spells is one found in Interplay
#1 created by David Doucette

IQ 18: DIAMOND FLESH (T): Stops 10 hits per attack.  Makes the victims skin
as hard as diamonds and yes, he can cut glass.  Because of the rigidness of
his skin, the spell recipient is at -2 DX, and his movement allowance is
down 2.  COST: 5 ST to cast, one to maintain.

I don't write them I just relate them to you all to critique.  I myself
think stone flesh and iron flesh spells and "bark" flesh are enough.
Otherwise, I believe you unbalance the game too much defensively.   Imagine
+5 fine plate armour with a iron flesh ring, which is possible, though
improbable.  That's a total of 17 hits stopped.  Now thats bad enough but
change it to a diamond flesh ring and it now stops 21 hits, WOW!!!  I think
the most any of the characters who played in my campaign stopped was 10
points (+1 fine plate and +1 large shield)

Yours in Cidri,

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