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(TFT) Re: adjIQ

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You could easily turn the Bill Seurer method of Skill Points into an adjIQ 
type of stat. I'd make adjIQ the stat you buy skills with. The regular IQ
would be the one you roll against. So, with the 2-for-1 method of Skill
when you buy IQ you raise both IQ and adjIQ. When you buy skill points, 
you just raise adjIQ (at 2 points per experience level).<

Sounds like a perfect solution and easy to implement. It gives more talents
at high levels but doesn't mess with lower-level play-balance or the
simplicity of beginning characters. It doesnt mess up any existing modules
or NPCs and it doesn't add complexity to the game. Also, for those players
who DONT want it, it doesnt automatically make them weaker than anyone who
*does* use these rules. 

Well put!

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