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Adventure Resources (was Re: (TFT) New List Member Introduction)

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>>>>>> and the Supermodule version is a bit
>>>>>>too pricey for me - I've seen it sold for $65+.

Ouch! That old thing!?

An interesting book I picked up this weekend is called "Official Price
Guide to Role-Playing Games" and lists that module as worth $8.00. 

Now I dont think that price is particularly accurate, but it's certainly a
handy book for cataloging my collection.

>>>>>>Of course, Dungeon Magazine is a great resource for adventures,
>>>>>>if you take their maps and write an adventure around them.

It is a pretty good source, but I do tend to like 'linked' adventures -
even if the link is rather fragile. "Road to Danger" was recently printed
by TSR as a group of low-level adventures all drawn from Dungeon magazine
for those who haven't collected alot of them.


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