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Re: (TFT) Shameless troll


I've been seeing Ythri on eBay a lot lately and they must be going for a lot less than I paid for the two I got (one for me, one for my brother). It looks worth getting, that is I haven't played it yet but it looks good.


At 4:29 PM -0400 7/3/00, Joe Hartley wrote:
Thanks to a few good folks on this list and a couple of fortunate
eBay experiences, I've been able to bring the number of Metagaming
titles I'm missing to under a dozen!

If anyone's feeling generous, I'd be more than happy to accept the
following games as gifts!  (OK, if you're not feeling generous, let
me know what you'd like for them :)

#2 Chitin: I
#9 Ice War
#19 Helltank
#20 Trailblazer

MiH2 Ram Speed
MiH5 Fire When Ready
MeH1 Hitler's War
MeH2 Trojan War
MeH3 Command at Sea

The Ythri
Monsters! Monsters!
Michael Kluskens <mkluskens@yahoo.com>, alternative <mkluskens@ieee.org>

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