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(TFT) Who wrote the Sage talent?

Anyone know who wrote this talent and where it first appeared? I can't seem
to find the origional appearance of this (though I suspect Rick Smith):

SAGE (SC, IQ 13, Costs 2+, Prerequisite: L). They are also considered
experts in all the Rituals and Ceremonies required of any tribes. Will
recognize any known language (even if he does not speak it) on a 3/IQ, with
common languages being automatic. Can teach, research, etc., and will
receive respect (+2 on any Reaction Roll) in all civilized areas. If he
speaks a language he will speak it well ? as though he were a native. He
knows a great deal about history and the customs of the various races and
peoples, and can on a 4/IQ make a good guess about the origin of most
artifacts or objects. Sages will know what magic can do even if they don?t
practice it. 

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