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(TFT) Who wrote Acting and where?

Again, while trying to track down the appropriate credits for the
appropriate Talents, I can't find who wrote the Acting talent. Any ideas?

ACTING (Act, IQ 11, Costs 2). This Talent allows you to entertain audiences
by putting on plays. You will have a trained voice and will be able to
project your words. You have experience in taking on other persona and will
have a wide variety of ?habitual phrases? and ways of expressing yourself.
You will be a quick study of others body language and figures of speech. In
any situation in which you are playing a part or trying to gain or avoid
attention you get to add or subtract +/-3 from any rolls the GM throws your
way. Acting gets a +3 Reaction in the same situations as Bard (the two
reactions are not cumulative).

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