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(TFT) TFT Dinosaurs

In celebration of the release of "Land of Og" the 2nd Edition of "Og the
Roleplaying Game, 2nd Edition", I've broke out some old rules for playing
Caveman in TFT.  Having just come from Universal Studio's Jurasic Park and
Disneylands Dinosaur Adventures it's got me sparked up for these scenarios
again. So here is a list of Talents for TL1 - the Stone Age.

Several talents are modified for Tech Level 1 playing. Note that these are
not the ONLY Talents cavemen can learn, simply the most common ones (for
example, Net & Trident and Acolyte are both perfectly suited for a TFT:
Tribes campaign).. 
Source is also considered Land of OG (log), pages 38-43
Talent (at Basic level)         Abbr.   IQ Req. CP      Source
Better Climbing (need ST 10, DX 12, C)  C2      11      3       cb
Better Jumping (need LP)                iLP     10      3       rp
Build Something                 MH      11      2       ITL:14
Climbing                                C       9       1       ITL:13
Cooking                         Cook    9       2       ITL:13
Find Animal                     N       10      2       ITL:13
Find Home <NEW>                 FH      8       1       log
Fire Starting <NEW>                     FS      8       1       log
Fishing                         FM      9       1       ITL:13
Hair Pulling                    SA      8       1       ITL:13
Headbutting                     BR      8       1       jg
Hide Behind Something <NEW>             HBS     8       1       log
Jumping (need DX 13)            LP      10      3       ar
Languages                       L:      6       1*      ITL:16
Learn Word (need L/Picture Writing)     SAGE    13      2       rs
Picture Writing                 L       8       1*      ITL:12
Riding                          H       8       1       ITL:12
Rock Finding <NEW>              RF      6       1       log
Run Away                                R       8       2       ITL:12
Running                         Jog     8       1       cb
Stay Afloat                     SW      8       1       ITL:12
Stick Finding <NEW>                     SF      6       1       log
Survival (need N/Find Animal)           W       11      1       ITL:14
Teach Word (2 slots)                    Teacher 9       2       rs
Tiptoe                          SM      9       2       ITL:13
Trap Making (includes RT)               MH      11      2       ITL:14
Two Weapon Use (need DX 13+)    TWpn    11      3       ITL:14
Vine Swinging <NEW>             VS      6       1       log
Weapon Making                   FK      8       1       cg
Weather Sense <NEW>             WS      6       1       log

Sorry for the spacing, I promise is was spaced correctly for ASCII when I
sent it!

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