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(TFT) What the heck does this have to do with TFT? Just a response.

Jody stated,

And what about Thin Red Line?  I
made the mistake of torturing my wife and I for over two hours with that
diarrhea.  Did you know that was a remake??  If you sufferred through the
current rendition do yourself a favor and rent the old black and white
version.  You tell me the old one isn't a better movie and you know it
cost a tenth what the current turd did.>>>>>

All I remember is the Red Line was long and incredibly boring with a few
moments from sheer hell.  According to veterans that is what war is like.

I thought the movie was bad but my favorite part was when one character who
was intensely in love with his wife, who gave up his commission for her
before the war, was drafted as enlisted when the war began, receives a Dear
John letter.  When this happened someone in the back of the audience yelled
out, "He should have bought a dog, instead!"

Yours in Cidri,

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