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Re: (TFT) TFT: Medieval City Size

Patrick Keleher wrote:
> Wouldn't the cost of magical sanitation, heat, lighting, etc. be prohibative
> for the middle and lower classes?  I suspect only the nobility would be able
> to afford to pay a wizard enough for him to put aside his pride for the
> study and practice of 'sanitation magery'.

It may start with the nobility, but like Roman aqueducts and sewers, it
will soon be seen worthwile for the city as a whole.

Besides, since this is a TFT list, let us not forget the Gate spell.  A
city's sewer may drain to a central sump with a Gate at the bottom, and
the other end of the Gate might be as far away as you like.  Every
man-mass will stress the Gate, and risk it's collapse, so for truly
large cities we'd want to dessicate the waste before Gating it.  Captive
Fire and Air Elementals are easier to acquire than Dragons for this
purpose, and at least the Fire type can be enslaved by proper
construction of the sewers.  The Air type would require Pentagrams to
hold them, and an early release program to inspire their cooperation.

We'd want a mage on hand with apprentices full time, to reinforce the
gate if it flickers, since one Gate is cheaper than two... but then
again, having him stand about would be expensive...  Ah well,
overlapping shifts, and archimagus Norton can summon a new batch of
elementals on his way out the door...  :)
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