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Re: (TFT) tweaking spels

tft@brainiac.com wrote:
> Aha! I now got IP 1 in my hot little hand! Now for fine tuning...
> David Doucette has Fire Blast (S) as an IQ 20 spell - 1 megahex, 
> 1 die dam/2ST invested,
> I had already MH fireball as IQ 19, for 1-1 dam/2ST invested.
> Who likes what or shall I stick 'em both on?

They're extremely similar.  You could rewrite Fire Blast 
as a better version of the Blast spell:

Fire Blast IQ 20 ST: 2 per 1-1 of damage
This spell causes a fiery explosion to originate from the wizard.
While he and his gear are totally unaffected, all others in his
hex or in adjacent hexes take d6-1 points of damage per 2 ST points
spent to cast the spell.  Multi-hex figures occupying two or more
hexes adjacent to the wizard only take damage once.

Hm...IQ 20 is probably a touch high.  18? 19?

Anyway, if you did that then you'd have MH Fireball for the 
missile spell.  You may want to add a disclaimer regarding Multihex
figures similar to the one I have on the proposed Fire Blast.

So, how does that solution strike people?

BTW I wrote up an exploding fireball spell a couple years ago 
that used a Champions-ish mechanism for the explosion. Basically 
it put X d6-1's of damage in the target hex, and in each 
successive surrounding ring of hexes out from there you took 
away one die of damage, starting with the highest rolls.  If 
you want I'll send the details of it, but it may just be 

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