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Re: (TFT) Melee/Wizard Variant

Dan's Capture the Flag suggestion under Melee/Wizard Variant:
This is all kind of intuitive and off the cuff but what
do you think?  This sounds like it might be kind of fun to me.

Michael suggests
I think you should talk to John about it.../snip from another e-mail/ John B. from the Shadowhex company (who's on this list). I think he's got some ideas for a game that sounds very similar to >>this idea...


Michael is perhaps connecting this with my Fantasy Chess game which is for sale. www.shadowhex.com. This is a chess variant in which you move as normal chess pieces and you can checkmate the king normally, but you can have up to three of your own color in a square and when you capture an enemy, you don't remove him from the board, you fight for the square. You can even send in reinforcements to help out in the Combat Sqaure. Each piece has a attribute statistics of Stregnth and Dexterity which vary for each piece type, keeping in mind the value of the traditional chess piece. In addition to the core-rules, there is healing, withdrawal out of combat squares, Expulsions by the queen, and Carrying capabilites by rooks and horses.

I will be demonstrating this game at the Labor Day L.A. Con.

Or perhaps Michael is commenting on my suggestions for using miniatures in games. The "Capture the Flag" scenario would be an easy and interesting thing to mock up. Perhaps it's close relative would be "Blood Bowl".

Actually Dan, I see your "Capture the Flag" as a national sport of the gameworld the character is in. Something like the ball games the Aztec's played or maybe Iraqouis (misspelled I'm sure) lacrouse.

Its the holidays and the PCs are in town and offend the public officials. Now they are in the pokey for a week. But lo, some of the Apache Broncos have come down with gastral rectinitus and can't participate (foul play on the part of the Brujo Panthers?). Guess who they want to attend this friendly game of flags?

The PCs won't only have to contend with Brujo despicablilty, but perhaps their ally Apache player's prejudice and treachery. But if they play respectably, they may get Apache admiration. And if they help trounce the Brujo's, they will be hailed heroes and will party with the chiefs. But beware Brujo revenge.

Hail Melee

John Paul

Original message below:

I just thought up a variant for TFT which might be kinda fun. Basically, its a "Capture the Flag" kind of thing:
  two teams (blue and red) enter from the opposite side of
  the arena, attempt to capture their opponents flag and
  bring it back to the entry squares.  The flags can be
placed anywhere on the map (I'd suggest using a Wizard map), plus there can be obstacles such as fired, walled
  or shadowed hexes.

 There is no limit to the number of flags an individual
 can carry.  If you want to pass the flags around like
 a football, treat the flag as a thrown weapon for DX
 adjustment purposes.  A successful hit means it got to
the intended target who then has to make a DX roll to catch it. A flag must pass through one of the characters front hexes in order for it to be caught. A thrown flag can be intercepted by other characters along the intended path. A flag which is dropped falls to the ground in the target's hex. A flag which misses the
 target continues on for a number of hexes, toss a die
 to see how many and then lands on the floor.

 You can limit the armanent for each team to fists only,
 shields only (to allow bashing) or give the characters
 all the arms and armor they wish: the game can be made
 as deadly as you like.

 Winning side gets 30 ep each, survivors get 10.

 This is all kind of intuitive and off the cuff but what
 do you think?  This sounds like it might be kind of  fun to me.


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