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(TFT) Expert Weapon Talents & Ways to defeat

On 12 July Dominic comments about Expert Swordsman with blur ring

>but both together seem to push the limit. I shudder to think what
>an "expert swordsman" with a blur would get.

Agreed, and you know what I would do if I were to run up against such an opponent ? yep... RUN. But, such is the nature of magic, it can impart huge tactical advantages to those who are creative
enough to think of these things.

Let's say you were coming up against this as a GM Opponent. What could you do?
Run, Fight, gang up, Immobilize him, make him fight himself...

Run would be the brightest idea. Why fight something this superior if you know your going to lose; come back next time more prepared.

Fight and go down nobly or gang up and some will drop. This guy is obviously of Hero quality and ranks up there with upper "monsters".

Make him fight himself? Control person, persuasion spells. If blur affects targeting him, use an illusion. Research and create a new spell called "infighting" which causes the victim to hallucinate things to fight. How about a bribe? -I'll hire you for $1000 and I'll marry your homely spinster sister. (Can he resist?)

Immobilize - sticky floors, slippery floors (he can't fight if he's prone), nets, bolas, 2 people running with huge tapestry to bowl him over. 7 hex fire, 7 hex wall, grenade, Petard!!, poison gas. Put up your Tank Armor character to engage and then stab with halbard players, Magic rope, trip spell, confusion (lower his IQ till he can't use Expert Swordsman), Dazzle gems, Dispell his blurr ring, Open Floor spell. Bluff - Illusion of an Open Floor between you and him. Bluff - Take one stab by him and fall down dead. As he is taking up the next fighter, see if you can engage him in HTH.

Keep in mind that after you kill him, you get to keep the ring.

Sure there are the base rules which should be balanced. The comments above are not for questionning the balanceness of the rules. There are a number of things a player can do creatively to get out of trouble. Some involve magic, some involve chemistry, some involve bluff, some involve getting yourself hurt/killed...and some involve running.

Rambling as always...

John Paul

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