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Re: (TFT) TFT: Expert Swordsman

> >BTW I wrote up an exploding fireball spell a couple years
> >ago that used a Champions-ish mechanism for the explosion.
> >Basically it put X d6-1's of damage in the target hex, and
> >in each successive surrounding ring of hexes out from there
> >you took away one die of damage, starting with the highest
> >rolls.  If you want I'll send the details of it, but it may
> >just be redundant.
>    I created a spell sort of like that . . .
> EXPLOSIVE FIREBALL (M): Like the Fireball spell, but the
>    fireball explodes upon hitting the target, doing fire
>    damage to nearby figures as well - subtract 1 "die"
>    (i.e. 1-1) for every hex away from the target.  Figures
>    behind hard cover (like a wall) and anyone protected
>    from fire (such as with a Fireproofing spell) only take
>    half damage.  Multi-hex figures (like giants) take
>    damage for every hex within the explosion's area, but
>    armor protects separately against each attack.  Cost:
>    2 ST per (1-1) of damage.  [DCS]
Gosh Darn, Dave!
now that complicates things....OK, OK...............I think what I'll put on
the website is this:
the IQ 20 spell as is, ans Dave, do you want to make this, say, an Acid
Jet/Blast spell, (or cold or whatever - you're the author) just so we don't
make a bunch of fire missile spells?
Yours creatively

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