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RE: (TFT) Expert Swordsman

Please can somebody repost the Expert Swordsman talent or direct me to where
I could find it?
Is the main benefit that it allows an expert swordsman to defend themselves
(4D to hit) while attacking?

A while back someone asked about playing characters like Fafhrd and the Grey
Mouser. From what I've seen on the discussion so far Expert Weapon talents
looks like a reasonable way of running legendary or 'heroic' fighters in
TFT. It could be a useful talent to give to important nonplayer characters
that live by the sword and have achieved mastery.
I wouldn't normally allow a begining character to take expert in any talent,
but it is something they can aim for as they build up experience through

I believe the expert swordsman talent they have been writing about is part
of Ty's personal house rules on his page.  This idea also extends to pole
weapons and hafted (axe/mace) weapons.

Yours in Cidri,

BTW, very nice page.  Thank you very, very, very much!  Klunk!!!  (where
does this come from and what character said it, the actor, and why did I add
Klunk?  A million whose line is it anyway points if you guess first!

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