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(TFT) monster formatting

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Michael, I'd just kept on with the original ITL layout, both for individual
monsters, and also for organizing in the four or five groups. I'm not
fussed either way - in some ways having more entries is good for fleshing
out things one hadn't thought about (e.g. no. appearing etc.) It reminds me
when i first got the monster manual with the entries a zillion lines long,
and thought wow... (frequency/no. appearing/AC etc..).
I guess after spells, monsters are the next least controversial thing to
put on line (at least until we discuss talents a bit further but I'll wait
until a few others drop their 2c worth of opinions on us both.


Well, I just added two more to the TFT monster manual I'm building. Morale
(from TSD) and Treasure Factor (from WL/FL).

ST              MA
DX              Defense
IQ (+)          Attacks
Number          Size
Morale          TF
Food            Habitats
Special         Source
Basic description (what does it look like, sound, smell)
What would a Summon spell be for this creature?

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